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Cheap Hosting London

We have prepared a special offer for companies and individual clients both in London and throughout the UK.

Cheap Hosting London and the whole UK. 

The questions and needs of our clients prompted us to prepare the most flexible and convenient offer for them. 

Most of our recipients have small websites and that is why we have prepared enough space to put up to three pages there. It is a very economical solution for the holder of such an account. At the same time, the amount that the user has to pay for its use is small, even very beneficial. 

Our hosting is also used by companies that have large websites and online stores. We have prepared an individual offer for them. 

Moreover, we are always eager to listen to the voices of the market and the needs of our clients. If you have unusual requirements, write or call us and we will certainly prepare a very attractive offer. 

Summarizing ... write, call and you will surely receive what you need at a favorable price. 


£40.00 for hosting

Only this is how much you will pay for hosting your website on our servers for a year


SSL certificate- £17,00

An SSL debt certificate is now necessary for every website and online store


Your domain is just £ 18.00

When you buy a domain from us, you only pay for it £18,00 for the year and for the following years


Email boxes

When you buy a domain from us, you will receive up to 3 mailboxes for each of your websites

cheap hosting London

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