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Cheap Hosting London

We have prepared a special offer for companies and individual clients both in London and throughout the UK.

Cheap hosting for Polish companies in the UK.

If you are planning to set up your first website or online store, We offer a 10GB account with the option of setting up up to 3 e-mail boxes on shared hosting. What is shared hosting? See at the bottom of the page.

About Shared Hosting

Shared hosting this solution may seem inappropriate due to resource sharing, but in practice it is usually the best choice for sites with low traffic. Our experience in website development allows us to ensure that we optimize them so that they work efficiently, achieving good results in Google tests. The number of visits to these websites usually does not exceed several hundred visits per month, which guarantees smooth operation and fast loading.

Flexible Customization

For business development and website traffic growth we offer hosting upgrades. When the traffic on your website is high enough, we will propose more effective solutions.

Space and Post

Is 10GB a lot of space for your website? An average website with basic tabs and well-compressed gallery photos takes up about 0.5GB. You can use the remaining 9.5GB for email.

Space for Correspondence

An example is my email box, which after 14 years contains over 208,000 emails, occupying 42GB. This is about 5,000 e-mails per 1 GB.* Our hosting offer will provide enough space even for long-term correspondence.

Flexible Service Customization

When the hosting is used in 90%, we will offer you a new offer tailored to the needs of your developing website.

Offer Summary

Our offer is only £40 per year for hosting for your website with the possibility of creating up to 3 email boxes, which is one of the optimal solutions on the market. Remember! We provide constant telephone contact in both Polish and English.

Don't wait to make a decision :)

Don't overpay at the beginning of your business. contact us and choose an effective solution for your website now!

call us +447704195024 or write [email protected]


£40.00 for hosting

This is how much you will pay for hosting your website on our servers (10GB capacity) for a year.


SSL certificate- £17,00

An SSL debt certificate is now necessary for every website and online store


Your domain is just £ 18.00

When you buy a domain from us, you only pay for it £18,00 for the year and for the following years


Email boxes

When you buy a domain from us, you will receive up to 3 mailboxes for each of your websites

cheap hosting London

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