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Internet shops

Click and see the shop templates prepared by us. Choose the one that best meets your expectations, go back to the offer and see what functions and possibilities it will contain. Some elements can be adapted to your needs at the price below. For others you will have to pay a little extra. 

If necessary, we will prepare an individual appearance of the store, which will be made according to your design and will contain all the functionalities you need. After providing all expectations, we will prepare a separate quote. 

Creating online stores - a simple and easy-to-use online store 

If you have already chosen one of the projects above, see what functionalities it has. 

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of an elegant, modern and easy-to-use online store. 

It meets all the requirements and needs of anyone who starts selling on the Internet. 

We have made over 200 online stores and websites. We listened to what our customers most often need, who are starting their adventure with online sales, and we put all these elements in our store. 

Below is a link to an example store 

Creating online stores

Selected functions and possibilities of the store

  • Online payments - PayPal (you can configure other forms yourself or we will do it for you for an additional fee)
  • The number of products in the store - unlimited
  • Product inventory
  • Two selected language versions
  • Possibility of temporarily excluding products from the offer
  • Non-physical products - e.g. training, downloads
  • Photo scaling and magnifier to enlarge product photo
  • Easy-to-use editing of the product description
  • Possibility to assign a product to several categories
  • Possibility to set tax rates
  • Adding files to download to products, e.g. certificates or manuals
  • Customer evaluation of products
  • Inserting comments on products
  • Friendly search engine for products and entries
  • Photo gallery for each product
  • Division of the store into categories and subcategories (unlimited number)
  • Vouchers and discount codes that you can easily prepare yourself
  • You can assign discounts and promotions to products for a specific period of time and permanently
  • Reports on the sale of products in the store
  • Setting different shipping costs depending on the weight and size of the products
  • We install the Cookies plug-in important for the functioning of the store
  • We also place a Privacy Policy subpage in the store, which is necessary when you collect your customer data
  • We also provide a template of store regulations, without which the store cannot function (you can adapt it to your needs)
  • Store implemented on Woocommerce
Creating online stores
Creating online stores

What we will do in your store

We will create categories for you in the store and introduce 5 products (during the training we will teach you to introduce products and manage the store. It is very simple)

We will set the shipping costs

We will configure payments (PayPal)

We will conduct online training, add monthly technical support and a year of warranty for the correct operation of our store. 

We will insert your logo and create a menu with subpages. 

When you decide to create a store for you, we will send an easy form to your e-mail. After completing it, we will start working hard.

We will buy a domain for you, i.e. the name of your store, we will add hosting and SSL for the price for the first year. 

From the moment we receive all the materials needed to create the store. Within a maximum of two weeks, we will prepare a store ready to sell your products. 

We add an additional hour of our technical support to set the store's colors and font according to your expectations. 

We will conduct online training for you and we will support you technically for a month. Don't worry, the store is very easy to use and it will be a pleasure for you to work in it every day. 

All this for only £479

Creating online stores
  1. We will insert the logo in the menu
  2. We will set your favorite colors on the website
  3. We will prepare and set the menu in the store
  1. We will prepare categories and subcategories in the store
  2. We will introduce 5 products and show you how to introduce the next ones
Creating online stores
  1. In addition to the price and quantity, the description of the product will include a photo and a gallery 
  2. It will be possible to enlarge the photo of the product
  3. Two kinds of description. Short right next to the price and long, for those who like to read a lot. 

In the About me tab, we will insert:

  1. Photos of your company or products 
  2. We will put the full description sent by you
Creating online stores
Creating online stores
  1. We will put all your company details on the contact page
  1. We will also place a contact form there so that the customer can leave information for you at any time. 

Let's summarize all the information: 

We will prepare the store based on one of the ready-made templates presented above in this offer

You will get a shop ready to sell your products online 

(entered the first 5 products, categories, payments, sample regulations, described in the contact tab)

We will buy a domain, hosting and SSL certificate for you

We will provide monthly technical support and then a year warranty for correct operation 

All for £479 and not a pound more. 

If you haven't read our store designs yet, they've posted links below.