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Your company in the first place on Google maps!!!

How to inform all potential customers that you run a good service point, cafe or shop in your city? Years ago, the most popular forms were advertisements in the local press, leaflets and advertising banners. The number of advertisements and banners along the roads, in shop windows, on buses and on buildings is so large today that we have stopped paying attention to them, which means that this type of promotion is no longer effective.

What to do to make us visible and so that the customer can find our company's offer? My suggestion is to appear to the client when he is looking for us. This is what the tool service is for google my company. 

Google my company or Google maps - the best solution for any company with a local range.

Google maps is a free service designed to help customers find the best business in their area.

When we enter the service or product we are looking for into the search engine, a whole list of companies and links to websites will appear in the results.

How to interpret these results?

The first three or four links are links to pages that paid for a paid advertising campaign on Google. Is it worth clicking there? I will write a separate article about this soon. Today, however, I would like to focus on what Google shows below these links.

Below we have Google maps and they display companies from our area that best respond to the phrase we entered when looking for a pizzeria, beautician or mechanic. 

Google Business Cards - Example

Example: When we type Website designer in Sunderland (city where I do business) ads from businesses that have paid on Google appear first in the search engine. These links have the addition Advertisement or Ads (To appear there, you need to set up a campaign on Google and pay for each click). A map with the best matched results appears below. In this case, in the first place is my company.

Important information. Who appears first on the maps depends on where you live. A different restaurant will appear on the maps when we enter pizza when we are in Newcastle and another when we are in London. 

SEO Google maps Tradepoli

When a given company is at the top, it can be displayed even tens of thousands of times a month, which guarantees a significant number of calls and inquiries from customers, and thus a significant increase in income for the owner.

As an example, I will give one of the Polish cleaning companies in Bath. I started positioning it from scratch. I created a business card, optimized it, ran it for several months and now it is searched monthly on Google maps over 60,000 times.

DK-Cleaning SEO

Google business card positioning - how much does this service cost?

The cost of such a service is around £450. It all depends on the competition in the area where the company is run. This amount is sometimes lower, but ultimately we can only say that after consulting the client and analyzing the competition.

The fee is divided into two parts. If the client decides on such a service, after our analysis of the account, competition in the region, selection of five phrases for positioning (example phrase for a construction company: kitchen renovation or other custom-made phrase), optimization of the account or its creation in Google maps, we issue bill for £200. 

Then we proceed to further work related to SEO. When we introduce two phrases out of five fixed ones to the top three on the map, we bill another £250. 

At this point, the ordering party, being in the top three for a minimum of two phrases, decides whether he wants to continue working with us and whether the number of orders he receives is satisfactory for him.

Our work is coming to an end, but if there is such a will, then we are still dealing with positioning. We establish new terms of cooperation in the form of a monthly subscription. 

Feel free to contact us about your business on Google maps. The consultation costs nothing and gives a lot of valuable information.

If you want to see even more information and facts, below are some companies for which we have provided a positioning service in Google maps. 

Welding company near Bedford.
Within a radius of 20 kilometers from the company's headquarters, anyone who enters the phrase "welder" in Google will see CWS engineering in the first place.
It outperforms over 160 other companies in the industry in the area.


Carpenter's shop and supplier of firewood.
Across the city of Stoke-on-Trende, anyone who googles "logs" (average searches per month for this word is around 27,000) will see Stoke Solid Fuels first. 
We overtook 154 competitors in this region. 


Blackpool cleaning company
Practically in the whole city, after entering the phrase "Cleaning Service" in Google, the Agnes company appears in the first or second place. 
It is ahead of 125 other companies in this city and the surrounding area.