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Handlopolis The company has existed since 1992

Before you decide to leave your e-mail and phone number, do you want to know how much your new website or online store will cost?
A modern, responsive and easy-to-edit website  or online store, it cost £ 297
I will also buy for you at this price domain, hosting and SSL certificate. 
How much will you pay after a year for renewal? 
Only £ 69. This is the lowest price in the UK. 
If you are interested in my offer, leave your details in the form and see our full price offer now.
Have a nice day and see you soon.  

If you do not want to leave your data, you can click the link below and see the details of the offer now. 

www.handlopolis.com - offer


Marek 800

Are you wondering who will create the website for you?
I have been running a company with services in the computer industry for over 30 years.
I have made hundreds of websites and online stores. 

My Google rating is 5.0 
You will pay for the order after completing the website (at the beginning you only have to pay for the purchase of the domain, hosting and SSL certificate - £ 69). 

Do you like reading before you decide? 

The price includes a website that will have a Home page and up to three subpages (eg Gallery, contact and About us tab). We prepare the website from materials provided by the ordering party (photos, logos and descriptions for individual pages). 

In the case of an online store, it is entered up to 5 products and categories. We configure PayPal payments and shipping costs. 

In both cases, we provide a ready-made website and a shop ready for sale. More details are available on our website. We invite you to read more after completing the form.