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SaRR online store - modern, responsive design and ease of use

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of SaRRa online stores.

It is our newest product, prepared with our clients in mind, in accordance with their expectations and after consultation with them. The store template is in line with the latest trends, safe, convenient and easy to use. Based on WordPress, the WooCommerce store management module and enriched with security plugins, speeding up work and facilitating the optimization of the store in terms of positioning on Google. 

To fully appreciate the possibilities of this template, I encourage you to view it on a computer or laptop, although it also looks very good on a mobile. 

Here is the link to the store template - >>> SaRRa store 


Home 1

We have prepared for our client a very attractive form of product presentation in the store. The home page contains a large, fully customizable, floating banner. The number of photos that can be placed in the banner is unlimited. It can also be replaced with static graphics or a properly prepared video.

Categories in the store and promoted products

Online shop

We have placed four banners under the graphics, which will direct you to different product categories in the store. The number of these buttons may vary in one or more rows. Additionally, categories in the store can be selected from the top menu.

Below the category graphics there are photos of the promoted products in the store. We decided to present them in an attractive form of rectangles of various sizes, but this part of the page can also be adapted to the client's requirements.

Subscription module and social media

This is an important element in acquiring regular customers in the store. A short form allows the customer to add to the database so that he can later receive current information about new products and promotions. Optionally, it is possible to automate the subscription to newsletters in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR

Below we have links to social media that look identical on each subpage of the store, and the footer of the page, which can also look in several ways according to the customer's expectations.

Store subpages

Product categories

By selecting the shop tab from the top menu, we can go to the store and choose one of the product categories that interest us. The subcategory can also be selected from the drop-down menu after hovering over the shop tab. We have a choice of several options for presenting products in a given category. Click on one of the graphics below and see example projects. 

The appearance of the subpage with the product description

After selecting the product, a transparent, elegant form of presentation opens. We have a gallery, photo enlargement, description, customer reviews, links promoting social media and related products below. There are also several versions of this subpage to choose from. Click on one of the images below and see an example product layout on the page. 


Online shop

We have added a Blog tab in the main menu. The perfect place to place current promotions, information about discounts, photo sessions of new products, etc. You can integrate this tab with social media. This will speed up and facilitate the work. We write an article for the blog and after it is placed in the store, it is automatically placed on Facebook and other media. Integration is paid additionally and the price will be agreed individually with each client.

Contact tab

Online shop

We have included in it the possibility to insert all contact details. It is also possible to place more phone calls and e-mails to individual departments in the company. We have also added a map for those who run stationary stores.

Now a little about the administrative part of the store

Selected functions and possibilities offered by the Sarra online store.

  • Store implemented on WooCommerce
  • Online payments - PayPal or other
  • The number of products in the store - unlimited
  • Product inventory
  • Possibility of temporarily excluding products from the offer
  • Non-physical products - e.g. training, downloads
  • Photo scaling and magnifier to enlarge product photo
  • Easy-to-use editing of the product description
  • Possibility to assign a product to several categories
  • Possibility to set tax rates
  • Adding files to download to products, e.g. certificates or manuals
  • Customer evaluation of products
  • Inserting comments on products
  • For easy product search by the customer, there is a product tagging function
  • Photo gallery for each product
  • Division of the store into categories and subcategories
  • Vouchers and discount codes that you can easily prepare yourself
  • You can assign discounts and promotions to products for a specific period of time and permanently
  • Reports on the sale of products in the store
  • Setting different shipping costs depending on the weight and size of the products
  • We install the Cookies plug-in important for the functioning of the store
  • We also place a Privacy Policy subpage in the store, necessary when you collect your customers' data
  • We also provide a template of store regulations, without which the store cannot function (you can adapt it to your needs)

In order not to be boring, we only list some of the possibilities. We assure you that there are many more available functions and possibilities. In case of questions, we will be happy to complete the information and add to each client's request.

Here is the link to the store template - >>> SaRRa store 

Of course, the customer may wish to completely or partially change the appearance and operation of individual store modules, but then the price will be agreed individually.

How little you have to pay for so many options.

What costs await the customer who decides to implement our SaRRa store?

Online shop

Let's summarize

The cost of installing your store £524.00 plus domain, hosting and SSL £69.00 (we will agree the name of the site with you, check if it is available and we will do all the formalities related to the purchase for you. We will also do the same with hosting and SSL certificate). For this training in operation. After the store is launched, one month of technical support and one year of warranty. 
Together £593.00.

After one year, the fee is payable for the next year of use £ 69 (that's £ 5.75 a month with no extra charges) assuming that your store's data will not exceed 2 GB of hosting capacity. It will be sufficient for most stores. However, if you need more space, we will increase it to 10 GB for £ 20 a year. 

Materials needed to prepare your store:

For the home page, we need a good quality photo to prepare the banner and photos of the product categories. 
Remember! The better the photos, the more attractive your store will look. 
If your company has a motto or a keynote, the main page is the perfect place to inform your customers about it.

As part of the installation, we will describe the categories in the store and introduce 10 products. Then we will conduct training so that you can easily update products, inventory and manage sales yourself.

For this we need a full description of the 10 products, including prices and photos, and shipping costs.

You need to send us all contact details of your company to the Contact tab, and to configure your store we need data for your PayPal, Stripe account or other quick payment system.

Finally, we will conduct training (1 hour) and provide training materials. For a month, we will also support your activities substantively (telephone and e-mail consultations). 
After this period, if you order additional changes or maintenance services to us, each started hour of our work costs £ 35. Don't worry, we work fast and you won't have to pay too much 🙂

If you need a logo for your store, we will be happy to prepare a project for you.

After the initial arrangement of the appearance, we will create three patterns and present them for approval. After selecting one of the patterns, we make two changes according to the client's suggestion in the order price to refine the final appearance of the logo.

We also make films / advertising spots that promote the store, website or products in an attractive way. We have prepared a video discount for those ordering the store. Price £ 15
See what short films and advertising spots we make: 

>>> Here are some of our projects <<<

We also offer a shop and website positioning service. However, it is a process that requires a broader discussion of keywords and forms of promotion with the client, and then conducting an analysis and only then presenting the positioning offer.

Online shop

Once again, prices gathered in one place.

Store installation cost: £524.00
Domain, hosting and SSL certificate: £69.00 (after agreeing the name with you and checking availability, to facilitate the whole process, we will buy the domain for you. We will do the same with hosting and SSL Certificate)
Total: £ 593.00

After one year (fee for another year), domain renewal, hosting and SSL security certificate are £ 69 (£ 5.75 per month). 

  • Positioning the store: offer after analyzing the quantity together with the customer and selecting keywords. Not less than: £ 100
  • After the store is launched, one month of free support and technical support: £ 0
  • After the support period, each commenced working hour: £ 35
  • Logo preparation for the shop: £ 100
  • Film / video / advertising spot. Store ordering price: £ 15 (standard price £ 40)

We realize that we have not exhausted the subject of our store. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

Feel free to contact us.
E-mail: [email protected] or tel. +447704195024 

Here is the link to the store template - >>> SaRRa store