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Search engine optimization London is only part of our business. We position websites for companies from all over the UK and beyond. 

In order for your website to appear high in search engines, I need to work on it. If you decide to do SEO, I will need some information from you related to the type of business and clients you are looking for (London site allocation).


First of all, we will jointly determine the phrases / words that define your services and products sold. It is not difficult, but needs to be discussed together. We'll do it together, easily and quickly. (Search engine optimization London) 

Search engine optimization London

How much it will cost?

Positioning is a long-term process. At least a few months. And this is not the end. Once you've achieved a satisfactory placement in the search engines, you need to regularly monitor and work to maintain a good score. Hence, by choosing a good company, you are most often associated with it for a longer period, 

Therefore, it requires good preparation and choosing the right phrases at the beginning. First, we need to check what your potential future customers type in to find the services or products that you offer.

It is also good to see how your competition did, whose pages appear higher in Google results than yours. It seems difficult, but we know how to do it. Then we get to work. We will make minor changes to the code of your website and other activities so that you are in the first places of search engines. 

You must also remember that the cost of SEO for the city of London is different than for, for example, Wokingham. 

If the selected phrases/words are not difficult, the monthly cost should not exceed £120.00 per month (for three phrases).

We would also like to present an extremely attractive offer that will strengthen the position of your website in the Google ranking. Thanks to our experience and advanced technologies, we offer comprehensive optimization of your website or online store for only one fee £120.00.

What will you get with this advantageous offer? Our team of specialists will conduct a detailed analysis of your website and prepare a set of optimal key phrases that will best suit your industry and business goals. Then we will proceed to perform all the necessary actions so that your website meets Google's guidelines, which are necessary for effective positioning. We have proven many times that our activities bring a significant increase in the visibility of the website in search results.

You can also buy yours from us domain and hosting 

Contact with me:

Marek Wojciechowski
tel. +44 7704195024
email: [email protected]

PS It's always worth knowing more. Do You like to read. Here is a link to Wikipedia on SEO. I invite you to read. >>> SEO <<<

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