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Warranty and post-warranty services

Regulations of warranty and post-warranty services for Handlopolis 


  1. The Handlopolis company guarantees free warranty care for the period of the first year from the commissioning of the website or the store for use.
  2. The guarantee covers the restoration of the website in the event of errors and failures of plugins, forms and configuration of the store or website.
  3. After each failure is reported via the reporting form (>>> form here <<<), Handlopolis will proceed to remove the defect free of charge no later than on the next working day after receiving the notification
  4. If the owner during the warranty period changed the settings on the website, installed additional plug-ins or added code that may affect the conflict or interfere with the correct operation of the website, the warranty ceases to work and, after diagnosing the problem and agreeing on the costs, Handlopolis may proceed to remove the failure. The cost of performing paid services can be found in the cooperation packages tab (>>> Link to cooperation packages here <<<).

Post-warranty services:

  1. After the period of 12 months, it is possible to extend the warranty period for subsequent years.
  2. The cost of extending the warranty is £49.00 per year.
  3. As part of the warranty extension, Handlopolis ensures that the reported failure will be repaired within a working day. The scope of services as in the case of warranty service.
  4. If the customer needs additional configuration of existing plugins, installation of new ones or changes to the website, then these services are treated as development services, not a maintenance service, and cooperation packages are billed according to the price list (>>> Link to cooperation packages here <<<).

Collaboration packages:

  1. The cost of performing services related to the configuration, development of the website or store is determined on the basis of the valuation after submitting the application form.
  2. In order to obtain a quote for the service, the Customer must complete the application form available on the Handlopolis website (>>> form here <<<).
  3. After accepting the valuation and making the transfer, Handlopolis proceeds to the execution of the order.
  4. Handlopolis offers cooperation packages with the technical department, enabling the service team to react even within 4 hours from the moment of notification.

The Handlopolis company reserves the right to change the regulations of services. 

The Regulations have been published and apply from April 17, 2023.