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UK websites?

UK websites - In Poland, I was professionally involved in creating websites and online stores as well as internet marketing. but at some point I decided to change my life. I already have adult and independent children, no obligations and no credits. Since my friend kept trying to persuade me to move to the Islands, I decided to give it a try. There was another reason for that. Namely, I want to cross the English Channel. And so I found myself in Great Britain. After several years of living here, I can say that my previous skills were very useful for successfully creating websites in the UK. 

Many customers, when they commission me to create a website or an online store, ask me what materials to provide so that the website is well perceived by search engines, appears high in the rankings, and therefore I have decided to write a few words about it. To sum up, I think that this information will be useful for many people, regardless of whether you will use my services or just want to learn something new.

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Your website name / domain

First of all, we need to choose the name of our website or domain. Nowadays, it is not easy to find a unique name, but you have to look for it. Here you can play and check if the name of your future page is available: If you have any problems, write to me and I will call you back and I will help. Remember!!! If you buy a domain, you must renew the rights to it every year. It is worth checking the payment conditions. It is often the case that companies offer a dozen or so zlotys for the first year or even £ 1 for the purchase of a domain, and in subsequent years their price may be even over £ 29.00 per year). Buying a domain from me is for the first year and for another £ 17.00. (Domain Purchase >>> Here <<<<)


Secondly, good hosting must be saved somewhere in order to be visible on the web (just like your Word files on your computer). It is important to choose a hosting that meets your expectations, but does not cost too much. Just enter cheap hosting in the search engine and hundreds of offers will appear. Here, too, you should pay attention to how much to pay for the first year in the promotion and how much for the next years of use. In my offer fast and secure hosting is already for £ 23.00 for each year of use (with this service you can have up to three pages and five mailboxes).

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Keywords and phrases (for example UK websites)

Third, kthe next step is to find keywords / phrases. For the positioning of this website I used the phrase UK Internet sites 🙂 Not everyone remembers about it. Why is it so important? If you create a website and it is not properly optimized, no one will find it. You will be able to show it to your friends, but no one else will find it on the Web. Believe me, I've been through this dozens of times. Companies spent a lot of money to prepare beautiful and smart websites, but no one visited them and all of themflare and money were not working. There are many companies that provide such services. All you have to do is enter SEO services in the search engine and you can choose. I have extensive experience in determining such content and I have access to tools that facilitate this, if you need help, please contact me. More about prices on our SEO subpage. (SEO services, more information >>> Here <<<)

Relevant content and photos for your website

Fourth, the content on the site. We already have keywords and what's next? Now nwe should proceed to the preparation content, photoc, choice of appearance (page template) and stayedych neededych materials. Here, most of the work should be done by the company that creates the website after prior consultation with the ordering party. Therefore, it is important that the creator of your website is not only a graphic designer or only an IT specialist who will create a nice website template. It is also important to be Fr.suitableabout combined texts and information on the page with the previously prepared wordsaboutyou and key phrases. It comes to this appropriate description of photos on the website and linking inside the portal. These activities are only part of the to-do items that will give appropriate results in the future.

Photos and content on the website
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Fifth, integration. Is it the end? Unfortunately not. This is just the beginning. Really 🙂 Why? Google now needs to be notified that you have your website. There are many tools that Google provides for free, and you should actually use them. I will mention some: Google My company, Google Adwords, Google Search Console, Google Analytics and various types of paid and free plugins. These tools are used to improve the quality of your website and for analysis.

In addition, there is also work outside. That is, working on your website to be perceived positively and to be referenced by other websites. It is a very time-consuming job and requires preparation. This does not mean that you cannot do it yourself. I will also give you a hint here. Sign on in Youtube: positioning of pages or SEO of pages. This is the fastest and easiest way. However, I prefer to buy a book. The internet is full of better and worse SEO masters. You can write anything on the internet. In order to publish a book, you need to try harder or someone who published the book has checked beforehand whether it is worth it. If you do not have time for it, it is worth outsourcing it to an external company, but more on that in the next point.

Positioning and optimization of the website

Sixth, positioning. We already have a prepared website. It is pre-optimized (Read about SEO). Now it's time to position ajOne of the factors that influences the position of the page is that it is alive. It is good to start a blog and post there your thoughts, recently completed orders, photos along with an appropriate description of your new products and services. All of this content must contain key phrases that are important to you, described photos and internal links. In addition, there are links leading from external websites to individual articles or subpages on your website. It is also important to analyze the activities of the competition and monitor the position of your phrases.

Text content

Internet zones uk - Marek Damian Wojciechowski

Work, work, work and waiting for results

And finally, constant work on the website, such as watering tomatoes in a greenhouse 🙂 Summing up, activities related to website optimization must and should be performed on a regular basis and regularly. Moreover, you should follow the activities of the competition and know the current criteria of the search engines' evaluationSeveral years ago, after performing the optimization and all the above-mentioned actions to improve the website's position, you had to wait up to two weeks for the search engines to evaluate your actions and rank the website higher or lower. It is much shorter today. 

J.If you have any questions, please write to me. I will be happy to answer your questions. Remember. Asking me a question does not oblige you to entrust me with anything. I like working with people and I am always happy to help everyone.

Contact with me: phone in the UK: +44 7440702941, in Poland +48 607703307 or by e-mail: [email protected]

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