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A bit about what I'm doing


Hosting and domains

Anyone with a website has to pay for domain maintenance every year. Somewhere your website needs to be saved for it to be found from the internet. I offer very attractive terms of cooperation.

Hosting from £54/year.



SEO services

You have a website, but nobody calls, writes or places orders? You have to position it! I will choose the right phrases and in a short time I will take your website to the top of the search engines.

Professional optimization of your website from £120


Website development

I will make your website. I will do everything for you. I just need photos for the gallery and company details. After consulting with you, I can also write all the texts. (Websites London - fast and cheap)

Your new website from £479

About me

London Marek Wojciechowski websites

Website development and positioning - how did this happen? 

After high school, I graduated from the Technical College of Communications in Poznań, spec. Teleinformatics. Then I studied Physics for two years at the Adam Mickiewicz University (unfortunately only two years) and five years at the same university, majoring in Computer Science. 
At the end of three years of Human Resource Management at the Poznań University of Business and Foreign Languages.
I worked in small companies, where a few people were employed, and in large ones, where over two hundred were employed. Always in sales or marketing.

I have passed all the positions ...

 … From a sales representative to a sales director. I have also been dealing with internet marketing for several years, creating and positioning websites (I have already done almost 200 of them).
I know that I can help you and I invite you to cooperation.

Call me or write to me: +447704195024 or [email protected]

Offer - London websites

If I'm going to make a website for you, read what it will contain. 

  • Home
  • About us tab
  • Gellery
  • Contact

► On The Main page,

We will put the company's advertising slogan, also a few words about what your company does, and finally a colorful banner with products or orders, then the website will be more credible for a potential customer.

About us tab.

Here we can put everything about your company. When it was created, what it trades or what tools it uses for work, we will finally also put achievements and certificates here.

►  Gellery

It is worth showing off your achievements, completed, orders or products you trade. You can also put company photos in the gallery. It seems to be the best place to show employees or show a production or warehouse hall.

► Contact

Here we will put full contact details for your company. E-mail addresses, telephone numbers to individual departments, bank account numbers and a map of access to the company then customers can easily find your way. 

I can also make the website entirely according to the client's idea after prior consultation; then, the client will take an active part in creating his portal. Feel free to contact me.

I issue bills for all orders !!!

As each ordering party wants to see a sample of my capabilities, I present below examples of my projects:


Marek Wojciechowski - London websites

UK telephone+44 7704195024
Email: [email protected]

Price list

Firstly - the cost of preparing your website: £465.00
Second - Purchase of your chosen domain for the first year: £ 0.00
And third - first year hosting: £ 0.00
And finally, fourth - company mailbox, first year: £ 0.00
Additionally, an SSL certificate for free

More information on fees in the following years here …

To sum up - all the costs of preparing and publishing your website are only £465.00