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What do we need to prepare an advertising film / spot for you:

Advertising spots …

... short mobile video advertisements for products and services are a very attractive form of promotion and presentation. When Covid-19 appeared, our clients more and more often commissioned us to prepare such videos and spots, and therefore we decided to prepare a separate subpage devoted to this part of our services.

We provide short advertising presentations of products and services. We present company offers in an attractive way, increasing sales and recognition on the web. 

  • We will provide quick implementation

  • Competitive prices

7 to 10 photos (minimum 800 x 600) or video shots of your products or services

Your logo, preferably with no background in PNG format

A few slogans that you want to use to advertise your company, services or products

Contact details (company name, website address, telephone and e-mail address)


  • We will add the background music and possibly a short video from our database
  • We will help with the editing of advertising slogans
  • We will send the prepared presentation for approval and then you will be able to make corrections and corrections twice in the order price
  • Preparation time: 3-5 business days

Let's summarize

  • We will prepare a video presentation: duration about 30-40 seconds
  • Movie file format: mp4 (not large file with good video and sound quality)
  • After completing the implementation, we will send the finished file or download link to your computer
  • Price: £ 40.00
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  • Perhaps your website needs changes or you want to set up a new one? See here and check our offer.

Advertising spots - examples of our projects

The brand of FIZYO®

Created for people who value a healthy lifestyle and well-being!

Advertising of a new series of products.



Pędzlove Make-up Studio dealing with professional make-up for all occasions.




Websites, online stores, SEO services, hosting, advertising spots. 



Website, online stores, advertising design and comprehensive sales channel management.



Polish Internet Accounting Office open to every Client - Self-employed and Limited Company as well as employed as an Employee.


KJ Permanent make-up & Lashes

Beauty salon, permanent make-up, brown henna, PML remover, eyelash styling

Facebook:  Permanent-make-up-Lashes

London Offices Cleaning

A Polish company that is doing great on the London services market. It also does not forget to constantly promote its services.


Paving Services Corby

Paving services for driveways, gardens and landscaping. 


RG renovation

Polish construction company 



Accounting office


The Blosson Lady


Spot prepared for promotion on Facebook.